Interview mit Krystal Roxx zur Kitz´n´Glamour 2016

In einer guten Partyreihe gibt es immer wieder Konstanten die aus einer gewöhnlichen Party etwas Besonderes machen… – nicht, weil sie immer da sind, sondern weil sie den Gästen das gewisse Etwas bietet, was sie in den letzten Jahren bereits geniessen durften. Bei der Kitz’n’Glamour ist die u.a. unsere DJane Krystal Roxx.

Bereits zum vierten Mal wird Krystal Roxx nun im Januar 2016 die Gäste der Kitz’n’Glamour Party in Kitzbühel begeistern – deswegen haben wir mal ein wenig nachgefragt:

Kitz’n’Glamour: Hi Krystal, so now as you are already playing your fourth Kitz´n´Glamour Party in a Row, what do you like best at Kitz´n´Glamour ?

Krystal Roxx: I am so excited to play this year, I have a lot of my own music out and it’s been it’s always the best party and we have much fun. It’s a massive year for us this year so we are really excited. I am hoping Arnie is there this year, that was amazing!

Kitz’n’Glamour: It is a new location this year again; are there any news from you we can expect?

Krystal Roxx Christian Abermann

Kitz’n’Glamour Veranstalter Christian Abermann mit Krystal Roxx

Krystal Roxx: We have a really awesome surprise in store and I cannot wait for you to see what’s planned. I wish I could tell you but it’s going to really be something exciting and I guess the only clue I can say is this that we have a very special guest with me this year.

Kitz’n’Glamour: What was your highlight in the past summer? With whom did you play?

Krystal Roxx: Superfoxx and Morning Gloryville have been so incredible this year and we simply playing alongside Fat Boy Slim at a 6am summer sunrise it was amazing. I felt so blessed to play alongside such a legend and the incredible loose cannons. It’s also been brilliant to play with Bakermat and Felix jaehan with FFH and cannot wait to start 2016 with the Kitz´n´Glamour.

Kitz’n’Glamour: What do you want to say to the Kitz´n´Glamour guests, as they are cant wait to see you again in Kitzbühel?

Get ready to Get your ROXX off as we are going to make New Years Eve look tame!  Cannot wait to see you all and party for a really incredible night.

And here is my new Track exclusively for you: